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Pastor Jameliah

Pastor Jameliah is the daughter of the late Evangelist Violetta B. Young and Pastor James I. Young, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York as the youngest of four kids. At the tender age of nine, Jameliah’s mother predicted that she would carry the gospel. At age thirteen, Jameliah delivered her first sermon at Kingsborough College in Brooklyn. She then began to speak at local churches in New Jersey under the leadership of the late Reverend Ronald B. Christian. Since then, she has preached across the United States and internationally and is the Pastor of Unity Church Charlotte. Jameliah is an experienced keynote speaker for women’s empowerment, teen and youth mentoring, Corporate America, and relationships. She is the voice behind the popular Car Chronicles Movement where she can be seen live on Facebook Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m. Jameliah is a proud mother of a son and daughter and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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A Message From Pastor


I’m Pastor Jameliah but you can call me MJ all my friends do. Car Chronicles Movement is an online faith-based ministry changing the world with one Click, Tag and Share. Spreading The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The life of a Pastor is about much more than praying all day. My career is busy, demanding, and rewarding. I serve God and my community with great joy. In my role as a Pastor, I lead prayer services and oversee a wide range of life events. I am also available to guide those who have lost their way in the religious path, and place them back on track.