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Sow a Seed

Mark  Chapter 4 verse 8 and others fell on good ground and did you fruit that sprung up and increase and brought forth some 30 and some 60 and some 100 foals.

Mark 4 speaks about how we yield a harvest by putting seed in the ground it speaks about the parable of the sower. No farmer puts a seed in the ground and does not come out to find what he put in the ground produce what he has expected it to bring forth an expected harvest. I challenge you to name your seed and put it in the ground. If you plant on good ground along with your faith, a harvest will come forth. 

This ministry is a ministry bound together by the principles of Psalms 133 with a spirit of unity is you can command the blessings of God. It's good to come TOGETHER. True but the strength of us coming together in obedience will produce much more because as one unit we obey the lord. Imagine being on one accord with obedience how please the Lord is with us.

When you obey God with praying, fasting and the spirit of unity it pleases him. It brings him delight to provide for his children especially those of us who believe in the spirit of oneness as well is having the fruit of the spirit. This produces good ground and when you plant a seed in a ministry that God himself is pleased with the grounds of this ministry becomes very fertile and that's why you read the mind blowing testimonies of people such as yourself that obey God that has an amazing  harvest. 

So Mark 4 verse 8 becomes very real for those of us connected to this ministry we have witness cancer being healed, lives being changed and breakthroughs like never before because of the spirit of oneness God is pleased so he waters this ministries grounds with favor complete favor the number 7 in this ministry is completion forward ever break through you need the spirit of oneness understands that in a seed sown in this fertile  ground has got to follow the principles of the number 7 when taking a small seed. It will produce great harvest along with the spirit of unity so completely God will meet your need if you just follow and sow a  seed.

When sowing the seed of 7 of any  Increment You will find the grounds of this ministry is very fertile.  Always remember that when you cry with faith I will water your seed and God will meet your need.