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The Car Chronicles Movement

On Facebook Live @ 7:30AM EST M-F


Sunday Service @ 11:00 AM
Bible Study Wednesday @ 7:00 PM


A Message From Pastor Jameliah


I’m Pastor Jameliah but you can call me MJ because all of my friends do. Car Chronicles Movement is an online, faith-based ministry, changing the world with one Click, Tag and Share with the purpose of spreading The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The life of a Pastor is about much more than praying all day. My career is busy, demanding, and rewarding. I serve God and my community with great joy. In my role as a Pastor, I lead prayer services and oversee a wide range of life events. I am also available to guide those who have lost their way in the religious path, and place them back on track.

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 SheFavor 2020 Dallas Tx

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To register for the SheFavor 2020 Dallas, Tx Conference, click here

To book a hotel room for the SheFavor 2020 Dallas, Tx Conference, click here

  • The SheFavor 2020 Dallas, TX Conference will be held at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel by Dallas, DFW Airport North. The Doubletree Hotel is SOLD OUT. Reservations are to be made at the Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel across the street from the Doubletree. A shuttle bus between the Doubletree and Sheraton hotels will be running all day and night.

  • Children 15 years and younger will not be charged an entrance fee and will not receive a gift bag or event handouts.


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